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         This site is dedicated to a great hermetic teacher, Master Arion, who made the secret teachings available to the world.

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Dear Friend of the Hermetic System of Franz Bardon!



Welcome to the home page of The Hermetic League. We are the publisher of unique books that are related to the hermetic system of the great hermeticist Franz Bardon. This site is the English language branch of the German publisher HERMETISCHER BUND. Among great and insightful books, we offer the 4th and 5th Tarot Cards as mentioned in Frabato.


Franz Bardon was a master of the hermetic sciences and wrote his three main works, "Initiation into Hermetics", "The Practice of Magic Evocation" and The Key to True "Quabbalah" from his major works, survived aside originally in German in the 1950s. Unfortunately, his mission ended before he could write any more major works. However, there are writings and fragments that, destruction.


Seila ANION, has written many books, booklets, and articles on the subject of hermetics in German. I have known Seila Orienta personally and gained great insight into the path of hermetics at our numerous meetings. Seila Orienta was a patient and selfless teacher who never hesitated to help students in need. Seila Orienta who also called himself 


Johannes von Hohenstätten is a prolific German writer of a handsome collection of books related to the hermetics. Each one of the books is a gem for the seeker of universal truth. Armed with intuition, the books will reveal valuable insights to the reader and seeker who treads the path of initiation. Johannes was a long-time student of Seila Orienta and decided to make his instructor's writings available to the public.


I made it my task to translate as many books of Seila as well as Amazon stores worldwide. Of course, all books are available to download from the Kindle Store.Orienta and Johannes von Hohenstätten as time permits. All translated books are available at 


New books are in the process of being translated and will be posted on this site as they become available.


I hope you will enjoy the available titles. Thank you for visiting.


Peter Windsheimer




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