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The Golden Book of Wisdom

 Fraud/deceitful/misleading title and content

This is NOT The Golden Book of Wisdom or the revelation of ANY tarot card. This book is a disgrace to Franz Bardon’s good name. Do NOT buy this book. The author is obviously trying to mislead any seeker on the path of light. This book is a tribute to Baphomet and teaches that the only “key to success” is through Baphomet and his worship. Such a statement is just stupid and deserves no place in the library of Holy Wisdom. Don’t waste your time or your money. Look elsewhere.“


I have personally known Seila Orienta (Anion) for many years, and never once did he try to mislead me or others away from Bardon’s system in IIH. He selflessly helped any seeker who came to him with problems. Not once did Seila Orienta coerce anyone to do what went against the seeker’s convictions.  

Bardon stated that we should seek the positive and learn from the negative and that we must respect the negative. This includes negative beings, the counter-genii of the genii that Bardon outlined in his Evocation book. Bardon evoked powerful demonic genii to learn from them or rebuke them. Hermeticism accepts beings such as Baphomet, Lucifer Baal, or Samael as rightful Elohim, gods who have a rightful place and purpose in our hierarchy. This does not mean that an unqualified beginner should dabble in demonic evocations or conjures negative being through any other method. No hermetic student will worship negative beings, but learn from the negative. There would be no spiritual evolvement without these beings.

There is no suggestion anywhere in this book to worship Baphoment. 

Additional note: 

The student of Bardon's Hermetic system is aware that the equipoise of character traits is required to advance to the upper steps of IIH and the other Tarot Cards. Nurturing positive virtues, and eradicating all negative personality traits, is a grave blunder. Mystics, saints, holy men, and women will suppress all negative aspects of their character. This is a one-sided approach that leads to faltering on the path. If the Hermeticist has an equal number of positive and negative personality traits that, together, equal the number of traits in each of the four elements.

Talismanology and Mantram Lore According to Franz Bardon

The printing quality is so so so so so cheap. This book could have been great if the printing was that low quality.”

The printing process and quality are beyond my influence. Amazon chooses the offset printers for all books published through KDP. Should the reviewer refer to the quality of images of the Mantrams, I must clarify that Seila Orienta and his wife smuggled them out of former Czechoslovakia, before the “Iron Curtain” fell.


As stated on the homepage, I have made the changes, the readers wanted. 



Alchemy, the Wisdom of the Philosopher’s Stone

 “The contents of this book are not analogous to the laws of magic and alchemy. I cannot recommend it.“

While this book does not elaborate on practical exercises or methods, it rightly explains the amalgamation of the feminine and masculine, the positive, and negative. This Tarot Card also mentions the preparation of an alchemical union of twin souls, a practice that the practicing Hermeticist will encounter in a more advanced Tarot Card.

In reference to the quality of the translation, I will rework the book and correct the mistakes I encounter.

I worked on the poblems and republished a new version.


A Delineation of True Sexual Magic: According to Hermetic Traditions, Secret Societies, and Cultures

No Review, only rating.

The First Lesser Arcanum
"Don't bother buying this book . The author does not know anything about Bardon's first degree and write down things like we need to have an equal number of qualities and defaults in each element to be balanced. Stop reading after that. What was the point anyway. I just went to the bar to get into alcoholism to balance my fire element.. Nonsense."

Let me first state that a one-sided development, i.e., eliminating all negative character traits, one will walk the dangerous path of the mystic or saint. Hat the writer of the above review read Bardon’s The Universal Master Key, he or she will realize that Bardon clearly states that in order to attain equipoise, we must possess equal amounts of positive and negative attributes in each element, and all four elements have an equal amount of attributes relative to each other. Unfortunately, the book The Universal Master Key is unavailable at this time. 

No one in their right mind would recommend to anyone to pick up a new negative character trait such as binging at your local pub all night until complete inebriation or start snorting a caterpillar-thick line of cocaine every morning. Such a step would be foolish and counterproductive. Bardon recommends eradicating traits that hinder one’s development. However, if one eradicates all negative traits, one would not be able to survive. Some necessary negative traits are survival instincts, deceit, self-defense, aggression, punish or reprimand others, etc. I attached the two paragraphs that deal with equilibrium in Bardon/Drabek’s book The Universal Master Key. Please click on button below.


Hermetic Genesis:
An Adonistic Tale

„ Poor English translation.“


I am also re-editing this book. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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