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28. How Equilibrium gives us a firm Hold in our Actions

Our attitude when dealing with other people depends on our equanimity, on our even-temperedness. The more well balanced we are, the more poised and self-confident, the more logically will we express ourselves about current matters and specific professional issues, which are of interest to us. We keep silent about these qualities and thus become quietly authoritative. With such an attitude we can come to terms with any matter, points of view and problems that confront us and we can always cope with everything ourselves. Through our equilibrium we are able to adapt our feelings and fit into our surroundings and adapt to other people we are dealing with. We influence other people to such an extent through our favourable attitude and approach that they negotiate with us in a friendly manner, they comply sincerely with our wishes or the entire negotiations are in our favour. Above all, we employ this method with people who are in a superior position to ours and who are favourably inclined toward us. 

If perhaps we are at the stage where we are in possession of the equilibrium of the elements, which assures us of a good influence on everyone, we present a professional, competent explanation of whatever we wish to express. We are completely certain that everything will be done and settled the way we proposed or recommended since it was based on objectivity, suitability, effectiveness, practicality and usefulness, and all of which were under our influence. This is only a random example of how we can make use of our magical influence when it is appropriate and advisable. But there is a condition: it must be beneficial for our fellowmen. 

. Also, when it comes to our magical exercises we adopt a firm position that we systematically, correctly and punctually carry out our daily duties, without making something easier, omitting something or changing something without the knowledge of the master (Guru). Even when we are not immediately successful, we do not lose our balance; instead, with great certainty and much eagerness, we make the effort to fight for what we did not accomplish before. That is how we harden and toughen our genuine firm position to the magical path. 

On our magical path, the equilibrium, the balance, expresses itself to us above all by not demonstrating any large fluctuations in our thinking, dealings, and feelings, and we are approximately in every element on the same level of our development and control so that we do not have to fear any great mistakes or fluctuations. Therefore, this magical position guarantees us a firm position in our dealings in our normal lives, and not only during our magical exercises and tasks. During our development, we cannot allow ourselves to become confused by the increased activities of our negative attributes or by greater or lesser failures. They are only to our advantage and they strengthen us so that we make a greater effort to overcome all obstacles. And that is why also in these negative cases our position remains firm toward the exercises and the results thereof. The best way to control, i.e. to balance our equilibrium is when we are strongly influenced by our negative attributes and when we are unprepared for these activities. Sometimes we are completely ambushed by these storms of negative attributes, especially when we must prove our firm position in every direction of our dealings, if they are normal and flawless, and if we cope with these attacks of the negative attributes in a positive way.“

36. Our Attitude toward Negative Attributes

If we are already far enough developed, then we clearly recognize that all negative attributes are absolutely pure in their effects, almighty, and above all wise and educational; that is what they are destined to do, to educate us, and not torture, worry or frighten us, as the majority of people in the world mistakenly assume. From this point of view, we look upon all negative universal Elemental attributes with gratitude and awe, which they deserve, for they are attributes of Divine Providence, with which we are confronted so that we get to know ourselves. 

Since we have created the evil and falsehoods in our lives, we cannot blame other people for what happens to us; rather, we must honestly admit even the tiniest mistakes to ourselves and attempt to eliminate them. Also, all the consequences that we have to face in life, especially the negative ones, we should accept willingly. And we are also aware that everything has been prepared for us by universal destiny, which constantly draws our attention to the weaknesses in our character, which we created through our Elemental positive and negative attributes and abilities. When someone is honest in this respect, he will be able to determine in a magical manner the cause of is suffering, how to balance it, so that he knows where he must make a change for the better. 

And that information is conveyed to him constantly, either directly or in another suitable manner. The main endeavour of every good magician is, first of all, to quickly gain his magical equilibrium of the elements so that he can successfully progress on the magical path into eternity. At the beginning of his battle with the Elemental negative attributes he can use whatever methods and means he can find as an effective weapon against their effects; he may perhaps even use hot-temperedness, aversion, and revulsion towards everything that harms him and he punishes himself for every mistake that he repeats in a particular manner. He can do whatever he wants for the single purpose of attaining his equilibrium as quickly as possible. 

At a later stage of his development, he will get to know the real value and purpose of his negative attributes with which he constantly wrestles and it will become clear to him that even God mirrors Himself in them, who created them as He did us. God gave us certain attributes and abilities to recognize and overcome our negative qualities. 

The negative attributes never take the liberty to attack their victim without the victim possessing the ability to defend himself. They are only effective as far as the person can bear it so that he defends himself and overcomes these attributes. Whoever honestly, sincerely and bravely fights against them, defends himself, so that in the end he controls and overcomes them, strengthens himself in the spirit, soul and physical body. In the end, especially his will becomes omnipotent because he managed to control the elements, which, as we know, are omnipotent in their effect. When in the end a magician has gained the equilibrium of the elements, he also clearly recognizes the fact that all positive and negative attributes are absolutely pure and omnipotent in their effect, and above all, wise and educational, for they form our character, which we take with us into eternity as our soul. 

Note: The book The Universal Master Key is no longer published. Lumir Bardon and  Drabek's grandson have decided to give the publishing rights to a Czech publisher. There is no word when there will be a new edition. Their homepage is:

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