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Since NASA had its New Horizons space probe fly by Pluto on the 15th of July, 2015, I thought I publish the following information about the Pluto sphere that is mentioned in the forthcoming book "As Above, So Below by Seila Orienta. Pluto's moons are Charon, Hydra Nix, Kerberos, and Styx.



At first, I hesitated to write about this planet and its sphere, but the importance of the subject matter outweighed my initial misgivings.


In Greek mythology, Pluto is the God of the underworld. In earlier times, he was also known as Hades, the name of the underworld itself. Although mythology gave Pluto a more positive image as a ruler of the underworld, his character is generally negative in the hermetic sense.


Pluto is the annihilator of all life. In the cosmic hierarchy, Pluto is considered furthest from the sun. Thus, Pluto poses the antagonist to the sun, to Metatron.


At this time, the Pluto sphere has no influence in our evolutionary cycle, even though Pluto crosses Neptune’s orbit.


Altogether, the Plutonian genii are of a quite demonic nature. Even the supposedly positive genii are a 1000-fold more dangerous than their Martian counterparts, as Pluto is a higher octave of Mars.


Entering the Plutonian sphere would spell immediate mental death for an unprepared adept who has not mastered the Uranus sphere and utilized its protective formulae.


Once, in a distant future, a war shall be waged between the sun and Pluto. However, the sun shall be victorious, not because it is bigger physically, but due to the fact that Akasha resides within the sun sphere and Metatron will simply “swallow” his rival. But as I mentioned before, this knowledge is unnecessary. I learned about the facts of Pluto’s function by viewing it in the mental sphere. I am not permitted to divulge anything more at this point.

chasing new horizons main-min.png

Pluto's surface photographed by New Horizon

Ernst Quintscher

Original Bardon Letter


The original letter is in the possession of the Hermetischer Bund in Germany. This letter is a Power of Attorney for Ernst Quintscher, the son of Rah Omir Quintscher to act as a representative authority of Bardons works.  Ernst Quintscher was a personal student of Franz Bardon.

English Translation


Power of Attorney

I, the undersigned, Franz Bardon, residing in Opava, CSR, Oblouková, hereby grant full Power of Attorney to Mr. Ernst Quintscher to act in my place as an instructor of my works and dispense proper commentary and further explanation thereof to all interested persons and seekers of the truth.


Simultaneously, this Power of Attorney shall serve as an instrument to maintain and preserve my best interests in civil as well as judicial matters.



Personal Signature


Opava, 12, July 1957

Dr. Georg Lomer

Georg Lomer and "High Magic"

The spiritual force of the sun, who was called Christ on our earth, will manifest itself in a different form within the Uranian sign of Aquarius. The true doctrine of this manifestation has been unknown even to this day. The day will come, when a blessed personality will come and carry forth this new manifestation to victory. We are this personality’s forerunners and it is our task to prepare soil that carries the seed to fruition”

Georg Lomer; Asgard Magazine. Issue no. 8, page 145, 1929


The original edition of the English translation of Frabato contained two attachments. One was the fragment of the 4th tarot card and the other was a short instructional text titled "High Magic". At first it was attributed to Franz Bardon. Only later, Mr. Rüggeberg realized that the text was actually written by the German physician, hermeticist, mystic and astrologer Dr. Georg Lomer.


Lomer was a friend of Bardon and both meet on several occasions. Bardon translated Lomer’s book, which is now called “The Seven Hermetic Letters” for his Czech students and added his comments to Lomer’s work. Unfortunately, only three pages of the original manuscript remain (see below).


Franz Bardon thought very highly of Lomer’s work and also translated the quintessence of “The Seven Hermetic Letters” which he titled “High Magic”. Bardon had his reasons, as to why he composed “High Magic”. Before “Initiation into Hermetics”, Lomer’s work “The Seven Hermetic Letters” was considered the best what hermetic literature could offer at this time. Even after Bardon published his books, he found that “High Magic”, helped his students who found themselves stumped on the path of Hermetics. He advised his students to work the course of “High Magic” to overcome hurdles that the practicing individual may encounter in “Initiation into Hermetics”.

Franz Bardon's Comment on Lomer's "The Seven Hermetic Letters".


Opava, 14. Novemer 1952

About 14 years ago, I visited him (Lomer) in the Harz (central Germany) and translated some material from his book “The Seven Hermetic Letters” and made copies, which were quite popular.



Bardon has written a number of mantrams in the old Indian traditon. They are very hard to master and one mistake can frustrate many hours of Mantram work.

A Mantram written in German

This is an advertisement of the first edition of Initiation into Hermetics in German in 1957. The now defunct publisher, Verlag Hermann Bauer AG, published Franz Bardons book for the first time.

Mantram Translation


The wise, gifted with speech sweet as honey, milk and the nectar of the grape as they bow before you. You who shines like light of the autumn moon, upon whose brow of locks resides the moon, who dispenses benefaction with both hands and casts anguish away, how the book and crystal rosary. 


Repeat above mantra at 1000 times daily for 15 days. Place a bowl of pure water before you. After completion, drink water and for the Devi sacrifice honey, Fruit and clear sugar.


The result is illumination and poetic ability. 


A Mantram written in Czech

Der Weg zum wahren Adepten

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