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The Hermetic Genesis - An Adonistic Tale

Seila Orienta


56 pages; soft cover; 5.5x8.5 in.

This novella informs the reader about the tasks of the Blue Monks, Urgaya, Shamballa Master Yoshuah (Christ) and Master Arion (Franz Bardon), that have not been known until now. The Genesis or creation is shown from the perspective of the hermetic side. Although, this book contains symbolism and metaphors, it clearly tells the genesis of our existence and our purpose in this universe.



The Hermetic Genesis is quite an unusual little tale; a concept that has never been seen before in the genre of occult literature. It was written by Anion, who also frequently wrote under the pseudonym Seila Orienta, a name that has become quite familiar in the past few years by readers who are interested in the hermetic science.


This hermetic tale could be circumscribed as an “adonistic metaphor”, since it leans strongly towards reality, and at the same time, the tale moves beyond and supersedes reality. Thus, it is truly a hermetic treasure. Many concepts in this book are highly symbolic, yet they are real. The reader may conclude that the author witnessed the events personally. Who knows?



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