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As Above, So Below - An Autobiography

Seila Orienta

216 pages; soft cover; 5.5x8.5 in.

This autobiography displays an honest account of the life of and adept. Seila Orienta speaks candidly and open about important and interesting milestones in his life such as encounters with magical order, visits to spheres, domains of negative genii, Orienta’s students and the Bardon League that he founded in the 1980’s and some previous incarnations of the author.


The first part of the book is purely autobiographical, and the second book describes insights that the author has gathered throughout his hermetic life. In the second part of the book, chapters include and treatise in demonology, the element beings, Christ, Shiva, love, credence, the guardian spirit and many more interesting subjects. 


This book greatly supplements all of the other books this Author. Throughout his life, Seila Orienta has always set the needs of others before his own. The reader will realize, how much the author had to undergo through disease and financial misfortune. Yet he never complained or asked for any financial assistance. All his knowledge and help he dispensed freely without hesitation to his students in need.


Table of Content


Book I My Life

1. My Present Incarnation

2. A New beginning

3. My First Mago-Mystical God Experience           

4. Parmasa           

5. Chanting Mantrams           

6. The Keeper of the Threshold           

7. The Bardon-Circle League           

8. The 28 Pupils of Master Arion           

9. My Friend Kuluch           

10. My Visit to the Moon Sphere           

11. Involuntary Magical Homicide           

12. Lodges, Societies and Peculiar People           

13. The Order of the Templars           

14. Dispersal of a New Age Group           

15. Bekaro, My Strict Teacher           

16. A Lesson in Humility           

17. A letter from a Student           

18. A Necessary Spa Visit           

19. Previous Incarnations           

BOOK II My Hermetic World           

1. Demonology           

The Realms of the Demons           






2.  The Beings of the Elements           

Salamanders: The Beings of the Fire Element           

Undines: The Beings of the Water Element           

Sylphs: The Beings of the Air Element           

Gnomes: The Beings of the Earth Element           

3. The Extra-Cosmic Planets           




4. The Peculiarities of the Higher Astral Planes           

5. Shiva, the God of Destruction           

6. The Godhead of Christ           

7. The Personal and Universal God           

8. The Guardian Spirit           

9. Credence – Akasha           

10. Force or Potency – Fire           

11. Wisdom – Air           

12. Love – Water           

13. Consciousness – Earth           

14. Introspection: Yes or no?           

15. True Rune-Magick           

16. Ufology            238

17. Time and Eternity           

18. *Past, Present and Future           

Epilogue  by Peter Windsheimer           

Epilogue  by Johannes H. von Hohenstätten

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