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Unveiled Archives of the Secret Sciences

Volume I: The Bible of Adonis

Wilhem Quintscher. Hermes Trismegistos

140 pages; soft cover booklet; 5 x 8 in.

This first volume of the "Revealed Archives of Secret Sciences" is a precious pearl of hermetic literature. Not only because these works are of ancient Egyptian origin and were written by Hermes Trismegistos, but because they are closely related to the magical-mystical works of Master Arion and thus demonstrate a cosmic teaching system.


Foreword by Johannes von Hohenstätten

In occult literature, great confusion prevails. One may find deceptions, lies, and distortions through which the honestly striving pupil already becomes spiritually dazed in the light of all these confusing works of esoteric literature. Who can blame these readers who discard all these works and simultaneously fulfill their material obligations? Alas, mental development is often shelved and forgotten!

It is a great honor to be allowed to publish this book and present to the true seeker the writings of the Thrice Great Hermes – Master Arion. Finally, the works inspired by the Thrice Great Hermes have found their way into occult literature. Franz Bardon writes in "The Practice of Magical Evocation"that there were untranslatable magical writings in ancient Egypt:" “In the oldest mysteries, the "creation of an atmosphere" for any desired being, of whatever station, referred to the way the magician prepared and created the appropriate atmosphere inside the magical working space. A variety of instructions were applicable to this procedure. There are today papyrus scrolls in existence from ancient Egypt which detail the practice of preparing such an atmosphere in the magical space. However, the ignorance of the people who deciphered the symbolism of these scrolls contributed to the fact that they remain either completely unnoticed or completely misunderstood.” *

The five books of the three times Great Thoth, compiled here, were erroneously accredited to the editor Wilhelm Quintscher as their author:

Part I - The Bible of Adonis

Part II - The Egyptian Tradition

Part III - The Magic of the Priests of the Original Religion

Part IV - The World Energies

Part V - Astro- and Earth Magic**

Quintscher did not instruct the arch-intelligence Asamarc* to transmit these writings to him, but Asamarc was commissioned by Arion to exteriorize Rah Omir’ astral body to show him the writings in the astral realm – not in an earthly cave – so that he could then translate them into German. Quintscher could, according to his own revelations to Eugen Grosche (Grandmaster of the Fraternitas Saturni, Berlin), only free his upper body astrally (partial astral wandering). That was the extent of his abilities! He was only once wandering astrally in the 1920's. Quintscher had such a great interest in the ancient Egyptian mysteries that his wish to read the writings contained in this book astrally was granted. Furthermore, Quintscher was given the privilege to study the ancient teachings of initiation ascribed to Franz Bardon, which he claims to have come from Egypt. The powerful Asamarc enabled Quintscher to translate the works into German. The fact that Quintscher did not author the Egyptian writings is confirmed by a chapter entitled "Formulae,” which clearly refers to the Quabbalah of Franz Bardon (The Key to True Quabbalah). This becomes clear when one learns that Rah Omir suffered from schizophrenia. Sadly, it was impossible for him to grasp the universal truth in its entirety and commit it to paper.

The original manuscript clearly shows that Ernst Quintscher (son of Wilhelm “Rah Omir” Quintscher) used the Akasha picture of Hermes on the cover because Thoth was the originator of all Egyptian mysteries.

By including Ernst Quintscher's commentary, we are now making these hermetic writings available to the public: "The text is thus decoded for the first time and published without utilizing the so-called secret language of the initiates. However, this does not mean that the "holy acts " that are now openly described in the book are not sacred to me. The publication and decoding of these secret texts do not pose a desecration of other religious rites, but only to avert secretiveness mystery-mongering. To pure initiates, all these writings will remain pure!

In the spiritual world, the inhabitants do not communicate by spoken language or characters, but through the projection of images of thought forms, whose translation into earthly language proofs difficult occasionally. For this reason, there are some words and terms in these texts that are not always used in today’s language use and may therefore not be understandable in their entirety. 

I know from my own experience that everything and every circumstance have a karmic connection. These writings will be a treasure trove of ancient secret knowledge for many seekers. It is up to the reader to work through the magical practices or use the knowledge for theoretical studies. May the primordial religion bestow the true seeker with knowledge and wisdom.

Original  cover published by  Quintscher
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