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The Hermetic Genesis is quite an unusual little tale; a concept that has never been seen before in the genre of occult literature. It was written by Anion, who also frequently writes under the pseudonym Seila Orienta, a name that has become quite familiar in the past few years by readers who are interested in the hermetic science.


This hermetic tale could be circumscribed as “adonistic metaphor” since it leans strongly towards reality, and at the same time, the tale moved beyond and supersedes reality. Thus it is truly a hermetic treasure. Many concepts in this book are highly symbolic, yet they are real. The reader may conclude that the author witnessed the events personally. Who will know?


The reader should note that the events in this book do not occur in a timely or linear fashion, since time and space are concepts that are absent within Akasha.


In the creation of this book, adonistic doctrines were translated and a large portion of the concepts contained within this book were gathered clairvoyantly.


It is highly recommended that the reader familiarize him/herself with Bardon’s works. May the reader enjoy this tale and gather knowledge and wisdom. 



"My First Mago-Mystical God Experience

At the time I worked my way through Initiation into Hermetics, I made my acquaintance with my guardian spirit. I learned with astonishment that my guardian spirit was none less that my Tibetan guru from an incarnation two lifetimes ago. During that incarnation I often taunted my guru, ridiculed him before my fellow students and by committing misdeeds and exacerbate his daily life. As I was able to see his radiant aura now and I realized how hermetically advanced he was already in centuries past. In the new light of insight, all misdeeds caused me to be filled with remorse. However, my new former mentor embraced me forgivingly as he uttered, “You were my favorite.”


My mentor and guardian spirit instructed me in the creation of the Bardon-Circle. He revealed that Master Arion had chosen 28 students, whom he personally instructed. Those 28 adepts live all around the globe and I was to guide 14 students step by step to the portals of initiation. In a lengthy audience, my guru urged me to choose a personal Godhead. He revealed exact instructions in meditation techniques to realize my goal. While meditating for six hours, a wonderfully bright golden light veiled my consciousness and I experienced a four-polar ecstasy, a conscious exposure to the four divine virtues.  I am at a los of words to describe this wonderful experience with may have lasted mere moments, or many hours. All feeling of time faded from my consciousness. I experienced my Godhead as well as the God from my childhood as one. I was filled with humility before this wonderful cosmic Godhead, who appeared highly abstract; all scenes were of such abstract nature that words couldn’t describe.  Although, in my mind I understood that there is no higher God but this magnificent God, instinctively I new that Metatron can expand. However, I am not permitted to speak about this particular topic any further."





This volume consists of originally four separate books that form a unity, because they correspond to the four elements. The first book, called Aide to the 1. Tarot Card of Franz Bardon, corresponds to the fire element; the second book Universal Mastery of Life corresponds to the air element; the third book, called Sexuality, Love and Marriage in View of Hermetics will respond to water and finally, the book What is Fate? corresponds to the earth Tattwa. These four books present a supplement and an extension to the elementary teachings of Franz Bardon. His elemental system (elementology) has been introduced in Initiation into Hermetics. This book illustrates new, insightful and helpful methods to cope with common problems that confront the student the student of Hermetics. It would take the student years of research and trial and error to devise these methods. Franz Bardon admits that he could have written volume upon volume on the subject of magic and mysticism to thoroughly introduce the student to the subject in its entirety. This author knows from personal experience, how difficult the study of Hermetics could be and decided to aid the practitioner in the form of this book.

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