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The Führer, the Ariosophs,
and the 3. Global Catastrophe

Johannes von Hohenstätten

119 pages; softcover 

Introduction by Peter Windsheimer

Resulting from the event of this new pandemic, the spread of a SARS-CoV-2 (Novel Coronavirus) that traveled across the globe at high speed, I have decided to translate this work, which was initially published in 2016 and revised in 2017.

Up to now, we have taken many things within our societies for granted and enjoyed constant economic growth and developed an ever-increasing taste for consumer goods. We have been spoiled with the newest gadgets available on a market that conjectures that the sky is the limit. In the times that I grew up, people held on to things much longer. If the TV or your radio had broken, you brought it to a repair shop. Albeit life had been “simpler,” consumerism began to spread rapidly after World War II.

After the last World War, and all the carnage and suffering left an impression on the generation of my parents. Understandably, people wanted to enjoy life again, be happy, and find a meaning to live again.

However, both World Wars had set causes in motion that show their effects in this new millennium. Instead of frugally enjoying the fruits of our labor more modestly, our society went overboard acquiring more that we need or can enjoy without forgetting our purpose of developing as spiritual beings. Even religions have become materialistic havens for elitism and exclusion. Religious fundamentalism has distorted the original messages of the various founders of religions. Especially in the West, Christianity is being used to justify materialism, nationalism, and supremacy.

Most religions have become ghostly shadows of their original intentions and become decomposing carcasses given the illusion by embalming them through pride in national accomplishments and a false sense that a God favors one nation over another.  Many eastern religions travel the same dark roads that Christianity travels as a whole. A false belief in a Creator God who would favor an individual based on faith alone, has developed a dangerously false sense of security. The followers of such faiths are desensitized to wholesome destruction of our environment and waste of natural resources, believing that they will be forgiven by a supreme being, neglecting to reflect on the laws of cause and effect. These laws reign in our physical world and the spiritual realm as well. 



One may question the need for another book about Hitler, occultism, and the Third Reich by this little-known author?  That is a justified question. However, most literature on this subject has been written partly by authors who misinterpreted the material out of ignorance. So much material was copied, and over time, this information became distorted or deliberately falsified to further confuse the readers. Furthermore, one must consider the fact that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest liars and deceivers in history.  Everything around him was smoke and mirrors, glitter, and pretenses.

This book attempts to shed some light on the inner workings of Hitler and his surroundings and will reveal the truth about his so-called occult dabbling. Once put into perspective, the events behind the scene played out quite differently. Official accounts of Hitler’s occult life were all observed from a different angle, and occult research did not get far. The reader may be familiar with the books by Miguel Serrano and other writers of Hitler and the occult. Serrano revered Hitler as a godlike individual who had the mission to reshape the world. Albeit, Hitler would never have been able to achieve such a position. This author is completely addicted to the myth of this “Aryan” world leader.

I sought advice from my friend and mentor, Anion (Seila Orienta), in reference to the complex mechanisms of politics and lodges that ultimately had inspired me to write this book! Anion’s wife Ariane confirmed these statements more than once, and she supplied me with further information which I implemented in writing.  I am not concentrating on politics, but rather reflect on the working lodges and orders behind the scenes of the Third Reich. Of the many secret orders that existed at the time of Hitler’s rise to power, very few exerted any real influence on the political decisions in Germany and other countries in the past and present. All this I will openly present in this small book.


Introduction by Peter Windsheimer     



1.   History    

2.   Enter the Pathological Führer – The Trickster 

3.   Hitler’s “Occult” Acquaintances      

4.   Hitler’s Obsession with Dominance      

      The Secret of Hitler’s Mandrake    

5.   The Exploits of the Freemasonic 

      Order of the Golden Century (FOGC)    

6.   Hitler’s Alleged Occult Abilities     

 •   We saw Hitler’s Demon     

7.   Aryan Philosophy    

8.   Ariosophic Societies    

9.   The Nordic Thule Order    

10. The False Prophets     

11. The Third Catastrophe     

•    Strategic Objective of Global Monetary Fraud   

12. Master Arion’s Plans     

13. How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse    

Conclusion and Dedication    



"The beginning of the year 2020 has given us an excellent opportunity to slow down our fast-paced way of life and divert from economic greed, laissez-faire capitalism, and complacency, be become humble and lead more frugal lives away from excessive consumerism. If we do not begin to reflect on our way of life and begin to change from within, karma will show us the way in a very unpleasant way."

Peter Windsheimer

Boca Raton, FL; April 2020


Lucifer by Fidus

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