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A Delineation of True Sexual Magic: According to Hermetic Traditions, Secret Societies, and Cultures

Johannes von Hohenstätten

203 pages; softcover 


This book is the first hermetic compendium of all previously published books, writings, and manuscripts on the subject of the "Magic of Sexus". The reason for the publication of this work was the fact that much of what has been written on this topic consists either of nonsense, perversities, falsifications and deliberately twisted opinions about sexual magic. We would shed some light on true sexual magic by using the "Golden Mean" in true hermetic tradition and extract the gems to inform the reader in detail about the truth of pure, sublime sexual magic.

Sexual Mysteries

The law of duality rules in present times, as it did since the beginning of the world, and will reign until the end of time. Centripetal and centrifugal tension, deduction, and induction, idealism and realism, spiritualism and materialism interact as dualities throughout history and in all worldly conflicts.

Ariane, my mentor, once told me that everything is based on sexuality. Alas, I did not understand the complexity then. Everything that exists is based on sexuality. All magic systems and mystic principles have some association to sexuality because everything is created by the electromagnetic fluid, a union of two opposing principles: Man and woman, light and darkness, crest and trough (waves). In the top part of the image of the 1st Tarot card in IIH illustrates that dualism as a sexual union between a god and a goddess. This union propagates to humans, animals, plants, and even rocks, but few will even take that into consideration. All conduct, moralities, laws, wealth, power and even wars, murder, torture, aggression and manslaughter are aspects of sexuality because everything in this world was created by polarity. Church spires and naves also correlate to the image of a phallus and a vulva. Everything is universally polar, and nothing exists that is not subject to this universal law of polarity. 

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