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Sexual Magic

Gregor A. Gregorius

68 pages; softcover 


Gregor A. Gregorius (Eugen Grosche) was a German bookseller, writer, psychotherapist, and occultist. Gregorius founded the well-known bookstore “Inveha,” the Esoterische Studien-Gesellschaft in Berlin, Germany (Esoteric Study Group), and the Pansophische Loge der lichtsuchenden Brüder, Orient Berlin (Pansophical Lodge of the Light-Seeking Brethren). Gregorius also took over the management of the Research Institute for Occultism in Berlin. Gregorius was admitted to the O.T.O. and inaugurated in the 5th degree. After the dissolution of the Pansophical Society, Gregorius founded the Order Fraternitas Saturni (first thelemic organization) with four former Pansophical Lodge members in 1928. The FS was prohibited by the National Socialists in 1936.

This little book is part of a series of study guides that Gregorius has written during the post-World War I period called the Weimar Republic. These days, the 1920s, proofed to be a very fertile ground for diverse lodges and occult and magic teachings, especially in a large cultural center as Berlin.

Once a member has reached the “Gradus Pentalphae” (18th degree) sexual magic played a large role in occult-magical training. The entire 6th Tarot Card deals with sexual magic as an instrument to advance spiritually.

Sex magic or “sperm gnosis” as part of the system of the Saturnian system (Saturnian Gnosis) of the Fraternitas Saturni. There is universal sexual magic that comprises the practice of the 6th Tarot Card and a minor – low – aspect of sexual magic. These two aspects can be circumscribed in rune magic system as the MAN and YR  runes (Yggdrasil) that together form the HAGAL Hrune, the Magen David ✡︎ of Metatron. The reader will realize that Gregorius’ sexual magic system touches only upon the lower “octave” of utilizing sexual magic to consummate wishes and personal advancement, a more earth-related part of sexual magic. In summary, the reader will find many analogies and truths in this little book on his or her hermetic path.​

His system is flawed in the sense that Gregorius and his students have not reached an equilibrium that Bardon demanded from his students to properly advance on their hermetic path.

Furthermore, Gregorius recommends the creation of elementals and elementars that are charged through the sex-magic act and the powerful emotional energy that is released during the act. Albeit, the instructions in this book warn the chela (student) to refrain from any sexual magic practices without proper magical training, this most sacred act may easily be defiled and the master can become the slave. I do not need to mention any karmic consequences that might accompany sexual magic practiced haphazardly.

Personally, I do not condone the use of mind-altering drugs to aid in magical practice. Franz Bardon has warned his students on numerous occasions. Aleister Crowley was an example of a brilliant magical mind being drawn down into the gutters of the world by his excessive drug abuse and consequent fall from magical nobility.

Altogether, the reader might find some interesting facts and insights this book, and Gregorius informs the reader of new philosophies about human sexuality, morality, relationship, and marriage that hail from ancient days but have long been forgotten. Gregorius speaks candidly about sexuality that has been a taboo subject in the early twentieth century.

The reader will realize that many rituals in hermetic practices are by themselves neutral. It is up to the individual practitioner for what purpose they are used, whether the motive is high and noble, egotistical, or downright malevolent. It is the magician's choice.

Peter Windsheimer

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