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Master Yeshua: The Life of Jesus Christ 

Johannes von Hohenstätten

63 pages; softcover 


This biography of Christ - the greatest adept of all time - delves into written accounts, unmentioned in other studies of Christ. This work utilizes countless information from unknown ancient writings, numerous secret manuscripts, oral traditions, and references to hermetic information which I received from my mentor Anion. All the new material will convey to the reader the true purpose of the mission of Christ and give an insight into the hermetic development and metamorphosis that Christ underwent. Hopefully, this information will only increase the reader’s respect for this mighty deity, since so much information from the past and the present does not portray the true divinity and greatness of Master Yeshua.

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Recently, there has been much abuse and a downright perversion of the genuine teachings and deeds of Master Yeshua. Colorful cults that hijack the name of Christ for personal monetary and political gains have become a common occurrence in the religious landscape. Cults who preach hate, bigotry, intolerance, and libertarianism spread their toxic messages throughout the populace, and many ordinary worshippers are quite unaware of the karmic burden they garner by their blind acceptance of these false prophets who purportedly spread the genuine word of the Lord Jesus Christ. The religious leaders of these cults preach intolerance of others who do not subscribe to their agenda and their spiritual world view. Racism, xenophobia and a fear of innovation have spread through the hearts and minds of many conservative religious devotees. 

In the United States of America, a country that was founded by the far-reaching wisdom of enlightened minds of its Founding Fathers who have foreseen that a democracy, where the masses constitute the rules and laws creates a tyranny of the masses and not a “freedom of all,” they had envisioned and many countries around the world have followed suit. A true republic that they established through a constitution protects the rights of all minorities and majorities through the Constitution. These rights have been eroded by fanatical Christian theocrats who wish to force their set of beliefs upon all, who do not adhere to their faith through a Fascist-Christian theocratic agenda.

Christ taught love, tolerance, acceptance, generosity, forgiveness, liberalism, socialism, humility, and nonviolence. Some Christian groups turn far against Christ's true legacy that they would like to see capital punishment for gays, lesbians or transgender individuals. Others worship guns or glorify racial apartheid or a regression to the days of slavery in the US American South. Discord spreads between Muslim factions in the Middle East. Many countries around the world originally strove for equality and social justice, only to find that the entire social structure is crumbling. 

It also seems that the glory of capitalism and extreme pride has replaced the humility and modesty of Christ. The “almighty dollar” rules the lives of many and greed has become an art and a virtue in our materialistic society without regard for environmental concerns.

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