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Mago-Hermetic Equipoise
and the Hermetic Soul Mirror

Johannes von Hohenstätten

116 pages; softcover 


My friend, Peter Windsheimer, gave me the idea to write a general summary in reference to the magical equilibrium, utilizing various older and more modern sources of information on that subject. Some intriguing information has been written on the subject, but much of it is hidden in plain sight. Franz Bardon detailed the importance of attaining a well-balanced character in his colossal and fundamental work Initiation into Hermetics. Bardon frequently states that the hermetic student will fail without character equipoise.

This book summarizes the mago-hermetic equilibrium and gives some tips for various exercises. Since the fluids, elements, and temperaments are associated with this subject, I briefly touch upon them, and I hope to encourage the seeker to consider his or her soul mirror.



I. The Lessons of the Fraternitas Saturni

II. Information from the Golden Dawn 

III. The Hermetic Soul Mirror

IV. The System of the Hermetic H. E. Douval 

V. The Quabbalistic Tree of Life

VI. True Magical Equipoise of Character 

VII. The Philosophy of Character Equilibrium 

VIII. The Indispensable Ideal 

IX. The Value of Self-Knowledge


XI. The Temperaments 

XII. The Golden Ratio 

XIII. The Hermetic Sciences 

Part II

I. The Hermetic’s Way 

II. A Demon Called Fear

III. Strategies to Remedy Interfering Thoughts  

VI. Mastery of Sexuality 

V. Hermetic Asanas 

VI. A Hermetic’s Daily Regimen 

VII. A Letter to a Friend 

VIII. A How Your Enemies Will See You 

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Lucifer by Fidus

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