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Alchemy- The Mysteries of the Philosopher's Stone
A description of the 5th Tarot Card According to Franz Bardon

Seila Orienta


44 pages; one picture depicting the 5th Tarot Card; softcover; 5.5x8.5 in.



The reader may wonder upon reading the title of this book, why it was not written by the famous hermeticist and author Franz Bardon, but rather by the unknown Seila Orienta.

The first part of the question can be answered by quoting a letter written by Bardon's secretary and pupil Otti Votavova to a certain Mr. Richard T.: "Mr. Bardon has already dictated into a tape recorder a 4th scientific work with the title 'The Golden Book of Wisdom', but copies were confiscated at his place and mine and consequently destroyed.  This type of literature is considered undesirable in our country.* I need not mention all the other works and books that were taken.  Aside the 4th hermetic work, Mr. Bardon planned to author a 5th Tarot Card for his advanced pupils. in addition, he wanted to write other works about healing methods, etc. His surprising passing stopped all further plans."

To answer the second part of the above question is somewhat more complicated.  When my friend Master Anion read "Hermes Trismegistos' True and Ancient Natural Path"** he noticed that this alchemical treatise is not only very difficult to understand, but facts were deliberately falsified.  in this way, only the true hermetic could work with such a book practically. Since advanced hermetics are far and few in between, Anions began to ponder and since the thoughts of a high initiate are realized immediately, he perceived a vision from Master Arion wherein he was instructed to write the front side of the 5th Tarot Card.

This may all sound too bizarre to be true, but it is fact and this never published contents of this book and others that will follow verify the connectedness to Master Arion.



Table of Contents




Image of the 5th Tarot Card

Explanation of the 5th Tarot Card



1. Dissolution

2. Fermentation

3. Putrefaction (Decomposition)

4. Coagulation

5. Consolidation

6. Petrification

7. Separation

PRAXIS  -  Step I



The Secret of Life Relative to

Cosmic Regularity


The Twin Soul




Explanation of the Symbolism of the

5th Tarot Card

In the center circle, we see the bright Akasha (Sun) and dark Element (SATURN). In both resides Providence, as illustrated by a light dot residing in the dark hemisphere and vice versa. Albeit this is for demonstration purpose, since Divine Providence is neither light nor dark. Out of Akasha, the primal elements are emanating in unmanifested omnipotence, all-love, omniscience, and unmanifested omnipresence. The unmanifested aspect in all elements is always paramount aspect. From these primal elements the fluid emanates outward, manifesting as mental elements. At this stage, there exists only the mental plane and the mental body. This, the Magus differentiates between primal elements and standard elements. The mental elements emanate electric and magnetic fluids, and furthermore the astral elements. It is here, where the the male and female can be seen. At the fluidal intersections, a living being materializes for the first time.

The Tetragrammaton can be seen clearly, whereas within the masculine resides the feminine and vice versa. In the extreme corners,  the astral elements are shown. At the intersection of the intertwined masculine and feminine aspects, the golden points demonstrate cosmic life force, which realizes the act of creation. Life force manifests directly from Akasha and, therefore, realizes the elements within the Spirit.

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