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The First Lesser Arcanum

-Franz Bardon's Secret Key to Divine Realization

Johannes von Hohenstätten


64 pages; two pictures and two graphs; 5.5x8.5 in.

 The 1st Lesser Arcanum

The 1st lesser Arcanum has not been published until now. This Arcanum enjoys a prominent place between the first and the second Tarot Cards. Up to this time, the 1st Lesser Arcanum has been taught and practiced exclusively in the astral plane. The reason why this Arcanum has become available to the student living in the physical world can be attributed to Franz Bardon, so that the hermetic student will better comprehend the teachings of "Initiation into Hermetics". Even the diligent student of hermetics often struggles for years to master certain exercises in Initiation into Hermetics. This struggle often caused severe depression and despair until the true hermetic practitioner was completely drained and exhausted. The extent of dejection ran deep. In place of hermetic development the practitioner turned into a living dead. The average person enjoyed faster development than the true seeker, who had to endure blow after blow and eke out a life of indignity. Truly a harrowing human existence.





Only superficial descriptions of the First Lesser Arcanum to this day and most written accounts deal mainly with this Arcanum's mantic properties of fortune-telling. The genuine hermeticist knows the true meaning of this Arcanum and its value for the magic development of the prospective adept.


The meaning of the symbolism has until now only been conveyed from a master to the student. The truth was hidden within the intimate and mysterious hermetic circles and remained unknown to the seeker. Franz Bardon conveyed the knowledge of this Arcanum to selected students such as Ernst Quintscher (son of Wilhelm Quintscher). Henceforth, the knowledge has been passed on unchanged to members within the "Hermetic League" (der hermetische Bund) in Germany. Once the student has become familiar with the little secrets and truths within this Arcanum, and practices the exercises, the practitioner can be certain of attaining the crowning goal of successfully absolving the course of the Initiation of Hermetics.


In order to help the hermetic student along the way, and aiding him or her to successfully tread the path of initiation, the great initiate Ariane agreed shortly before her passing in March 2013 to have the secret techniques published. Once the student understands the extend and significance of this little Arcanum and practices the exercises diligently, he or she will excel quickly in reaching the ultimate goal of the divine realization. May the student heed the fact that, although the mastery of the first Lesser Arcanum is the key to success in the path described in IIH, a divine realization will only ensue through divine grace…



Table of Contents


Remarks by Anion 


Concepts of the Past

The Four Hermetic Cards 

The Soul Mirror 

The Divine Mirror 

The Three Circles

The Divine Attributes 


Correct Demeanor 

Occurring Problems

The Result of Divine Solidarity






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