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The Golden Book of Wisdom
Revelation of the 4th Tarot Card According to Franz Bardon

Seila Orienta

44 pages; one picture depicting the 4th Tarot Card; softcover; 5.5x8.5 in.


The first step of creating this book came into fruition at a meeting in Prague with Bardon’s favorite student, Dr. MK.  My friend Anion gave Dr. MK a gift of a crow quill pen while asking him if he would write a description of the 4th Tarot Card.  Dr. M.K.’s words were: “you could write it yourself! You are qualified to do so, aren’t you?”


For my friend and mentor, these words meant a direct commission to write this book. The fact that he is truly qualified since his writing style is identical to Bardon's. Every true and advanced hermetic magician, such as Seila Orienta, is enabled to accurately read the works of Master Arion in the Akasha Chronicles.  The theosophist Franz Hartmann describes the procedure of reading in the Akashic Chronicles in his book  “An Adventure amongst Rosicrucians.”


I wish the reader much joy and success in gathering the wealth of knowledge contained within the pages of this book.


The Publisher





Illustration of the 4th Tarot Card  


Chapter 1: Hermetic Religion 

Chapter 2: Magic-Mysticism 

Chapter 3: Mysteries of Hermetic Anatomy

Chapter 4: Concentration 

Chapter 5: Meditation 

Chapter 6: Magical-Mystical Faculties

Chapter 7: Dangers of One-Sided Development 

Chapter 8: The Hermetic Path 

Chapter 9: Universal Laws – Harmony 

Chapter 10: The Key to Highest Wisdom 

Epilogue by S. Orienta 





It is a pleasure to present this 4th Tarot Card in decrypted format to the practitioner, hermetic and also to individuals who are interested in the hermetic sciences.


This card represents the qualitative form of magic and even the theorist will be astounded by the hermetic philosophy contained therein. It wasn't easy to put the symbolism of wisdom into words that anyone can read. Parts that present abstract ideas are particularly difficult to describe in simple terms.


Just as it is with the other three volumes of the first three Tarot Cards, comprehension of the material will depend on the maturity of the individual student. The depth that the magician can reach with this Tarot Card is indescribable, and earthly words fail to illustrate such experiences. In our cosmos there are things that must be EXPERIENCED to be understood. Nevertheless, the macrocosmic God reveals itself. The "face", or the obverse part of God can be grasped by the initiate, because it is manifested Akasha. The other reverse side of God is infinitely abstract and only initiates of the highest rank will comprehend some parts of this side of God (how can one understand the uncreated?).


The essence of Metatron reaches deeply into the unpersonified God, Divine Providence that cannot be explored.  Metatron is already considered indescribable and all beings of the macrocosmos are dependent upon Metatron. There is a certain connectedness of our sun with other suns in the Universe. Similarly, Metatron due to space and timelessness can exist in the same form anywhere within every sun, no matter how far away.  Where there is Akasha, this God reigns, a God that is personified and unpersonified at the same time.  I think that this explains the humility and devotion that the highest initiate exhibits toward God.  May each student receive the blessing of Providence that each individual may be given what he or she desires the most.





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