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A Practice Guide 

Supplemental Comments on Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics Course

Seila Orienta


44 pages; soft cover; 5.5x8.5 in.



Before introducing the reader to this work, some explanation is necessary about this unique little book.


The title alone may seem a bit confusing, but this little work already existed in Prague under the tutelage of Franz Bardon. Master Arion did not just write physical books, but to a greater extend, he wrote astral books, including the entire library of all 78 Tarot cards, to which a hermetic student of rank may have access. Anion is such a student of rank, who, under the pseudonym of "Seila Orienta" conveyed this work from the realm of Akasha to his students as a support on their hard path of Initiation into Hermetics. Master Arion instructed him to "translate" this book as a supplement for the practicing student. I consider the content of this small book extremely interesting and hope the reader will be able to gain much by studying this book.


The Publisher 







Step VI 

Magic Mental Training VI 

Magic Psychic Training VI 


Step VI Annotation 

A Meditation upon the Universal Nature of Human Beings 

Step VII 

Magic Mental Training VII 

Step VIII 

Magic Mental Training VIII 

Magic Psychic Training VIII 

Step VIII Annotation 

Step IX 

Magic Mental Training IX 

Magic Psychic Training IX 

The Impregnation of the Astral Body with the Four Divine Virtues 

Step X 

Magic Mental Training X 

Magic Psychic Training X 


Dear Reader! 



Table of Contents




Step I 

Magic Mental Training I 

Thought Control 

Thought Discipline 

Thought Vacancy 

Magic Psychic Training I 

Magic Physical Training I 

Step II 

Magic Mental Training II 

Life Force 

Step III 

The Elements 

Step IV 

Magic Mental Training IV 

Magic Physical Training IV 

Step V 

Magic Mental Training V 

Magic Psychic Training V 


Step V Supplement 

Mastery of the Elements and Introspection 


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