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The Shiva Samhita
Seila Orienta

72 pages; softcover; 5.5 x 8.5 in.

The Shiva Samhita is the most important classical treatise on Yoga. This work has its origins in Eastern Tantric and is thus; a fundamental hermetic Indian work. It describes the step by step revival of the true Kundalini. That is why the Shiva Samhita is considered to be the most comprehensive treatise on this subject and all subsequent books about Yoga are based on this work!


The „Shiva Samhita“, an ancient Sanskrit text about yoga by an unknown author, is one of the three most important surviving classical treatises - not about Hatha Yoga - but describes the tantric awakening of the Kundalini. The other two writings are the „Gheranda Samhita“ and „Hatha Yoga Pradipika“, which are also partially immersed in the tantric system of exercise, but the „Shiva Samhita“ has its origin in the tantric system and is, therefore, a hermetic Indian fundamental work. The Hindu god Shiva communicated the text in a conversation with his wife Parvati, which points to this form of Shastras (scripts). The „Shiva Samhita“ is considered the most comprehensive and step-by-step treatise on yoga. All subsequent works on yoga are based on this book, although few people mention it!

The „Shiva Samhita“ talks about the complex physiology of yoga, of 84 different asanas (of which only four are described more precisely and are hermetically correct), describes five specific types of Prana – which are subordinate to the 5 deeds – and provides techniques to master them. It also deals with abstract yoga philosophy, mudras, tantric practices, and meditation. The „Shiva Samhita“ emphasizes that even an ordinary individual can practice yoga and benefit from it, in the spirit of Franz Bardon!

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