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Talismanology and Mantram Lore

Franz Bardon/Seila Orienta

162 pages; soft cover; 5.5 x 8.5 in.



For the first time (hermetically) charged mantrams are revealed here, which promise pervasive successes with the necessary maturity, balance, and purity. After all, according to Bardon, mantrams are not just any suggestion sentences, but they are expressions of ideas with which one can work and encounter powers, forces, qualities that are, deities after ardently practicing mantrams. Simultaneously, the associated seals of Divine ideas are revealed, which stand in a ritual connection with the mantrams. A book that will inspire not only hermeticists but also yoga scholars! 

However, the practitioner may be forewarned. The practice of some mantrams may consume many hours of concentration and repetition of a single Mantram before any success is noticed. Included are original images of the mantrams and copies of Bardon's original typewritten manuscript.

This new edition contains the 41 Sanskrit verses with the transliteration. The individual drawings of the Yantras have been revised. Bardin's original drawings are included in the back of the book.

Readers who have purchased a previous version of this book can download the newly esigned drawings with the Sanskrit verses here


Included in this book are: 


Franz Bardon –Mimicry Formula for Healing

This includes 20 different quabbalistic formulas to heal various ailments. It includes an explanation of the pronunciation of the quabbalistic letters used. Included are copies of Bardon's handwritten manuscript.


Seila Orienta –St. John‘s Evocation.

A description of the complete ritual as mentioned in Frabato. A step by step guide for a successful Evocation of one's wishes. Illustrated. This text includes copies of the handwritten manuscript





Preface      4

Preface by Peter Windsheimer      5

Talismanology and Mantrams Lore According to Franz Bardon      7

Original Manuscripts of Mantrams in Czech  – Franz Bardon     61

Mimicry Formula-Quabbalah for Healing – Franz Bardon      82

Original Manuscript of the Mimic Formulae – Franz Bardon      89

St. John’s Evocation – Seila Orienta      94

Handwritten Manuscript of the St. Johns Evocation      102




Handwritten by Franz Bardon
Handwritten manuscript by
S. Orienta
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