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The 72 Names of God

by Seila Orienta

28 pages; soft cover booklet; 5 x 8 in.


 The seventy-two passages pertain to pure Divine ideas which and creation. Although they are more abstract in nature, much knowledge about the nature of God’s creatures and creations for the student of theory. An advanced theurgist will find in these passages more than theoretic knowledge. Such a student will also know about the dangers that arise resulting from wrong practice. Fortunately, the mysteries protect themselves.      




Initially, I was not sure whether I should publish this little book or not. One could harm oneself with the information that is conveyed by the 72 passages. However, not much has been written about practical aspect of the 72 Names of God, I rest reassured that no harm will come to individuals ignorant of practice. One must keep in mind that the passages pertain to pure Divine ideas which, in extreme cases, may eradicate an individual’s consciousness. Fortunately, the mysteries protect themselves!


That is all I want to say about these Divine passages because every further word would prove an insult and cast this pearl of wisdom to swine.



You may only comprehend me once you attained purest virtue. However, you shall only perceive me, but you cannot delineate me. You can perceive me through inspiration. Virtue is realized in the purest light."

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