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The Book of Anion
Seila Orienta

40 pages; soft cover; 5 x 8in.






This brief treatise demonstrates the true perception and knowledge of the material existence in the light of hermetic development. Furthermore, the text reveals the many errors, entanglements, trials and tribulations in the student of the hermetics encounters on his or her quest for perfection. One must shatter all the mirrors of deception to find the true light of Divine Providence. 



“Here you go, take the manuscript, read it and copy it, but protect it with your heart, because it is more precious than gold and all gems.” That is what Anion said to me in 1998, half a year before his death.

Vigilantly, I dashed to our downtown shopping mall in Castrop Rauxel (Germany) and went to the photography shop where a copier stood. Always looking around, I copied this priceless manuscript. I took the liberty of publishing an original page right after the preface so that you can see it in his own handwriting.

One can see this manuscript as a kind of Anion’s hermetic diary, where he jotted down his most secret thoughts and feelings, as they always agreed with the cosmos. With a cosmos that he described from a central point, a view from a universal perspective so that the disciple of hermeticism can see what magic and mysticism really are. One recognizes in this small scripture part of the true content of the 15th tarot card, which represents the world of wandering, madness, and matter that is a great part of the divine creation and determines actual development!

But, I do not want to say too much. May the reader draw plenty of insight from this little book to gain useful benefits on his or her own path to perfection.



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